Justin Richard

Software Developer

I write code to solve complicated problems, usually between <?php and ?>.
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I'm currently working full-time at SICOM Systems as a Content Developer.

Justin Richard Biography

A little bit about me...

I'm Justin, a developer from California that loves all things web. I love bringing client concepts to life using best practice front end development techniques. My skill set currently includes HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, and C#

As of May 2015, I graduated in software development. Throughout my education I spent time learning practical web development skills, going to local Meetups, and talking with experienced devs.

When I take a break from working in PhpStorm or browsing r/webdev, I love to either go rock climbing or log on to whatever game my friends are playing at the time. Lately it's been Tabletop Simulator.

Some of my work

Personal Group Project
Kiwi Collector

A work in progress. I got very interested in the Unity Engine and wanted to spend time learning the skills needed to program a game in Unity. Eventually I would love to make a full-fledged indie game, but I need to start somewhere. Artwork done by my friend.

Personal Project
Field Service Tracker

Field Service Tracker is a project to help Jehovah's Witnesses keep accurate record of activity in the ministry. This was a personal project I used to learn PHP and MySQLi.

Paid Client
Guardian Adjustment Group

A responsive website made for a friend's company. Designed and developed by me.

Personal Project
Javascript Snake Game

A personal project to practice using vanilla Javascript. The game library used was inspired by a CodePen.

Internship Project
My Portfolio (Wordpress)

I took some time to learn more about the Wordpress platform and rebuild the website you're looking at. I made use of custom widgets, custom post types, and other powerful features Wordpress has to offer.

Internship Project
Mobile Contact Footer – WordPress Plugin

An editable, fixed position div that sticks to the bottom of a web page on mobile devices. Once activated, options can be found in the 'Settings' menu in the backend of Wordpress.